Our Team


- Josh Koropchak – Team Principal -

TKi Motorsport principal Josh Koropchak has assembled a winning team.  With a combined experience of over seventy years in the automotive and motorsports industries, every event is approached with professionalism, along with one goal in mind: Win.


- Tom Koropchak – Chief Mechanic -

Tom Koropchak has well over thirty years of automotive industry experience.  Specializing in Volvo cars, he is a factory trained technician.  With his knowledge, he rebuilt and sorted the teams Volvo S60 Challenge race car to meet and exceed safety qualifications with emphasis on reliability.


- Ricky Marrero – Team Strategist -

Ricky Marrero has over 20 years of motorsports involvement including car building, driving, team management and driver coaching.  With his experience in racing open wheel cars as well as sedans, he is able to apply his knowledge as an instructor for The BMW Foundation’s Street Survival School. In addition, he served as Crew Chief and Team Manager for a championship winning professional racing team from 1999 to 2002.  With his knowledge in suspension set up for various conditions, he is an excellent strategist and problem solver.


- Dave Lipkins – Team Mechanic -

Dave Lipkins has numerous years of experience in the automotive and motorsport worlds.  As a Volvo factory trained technician, he is able to handle tasks efficiently and professionally, while still maintaining a competitive edge.


- Jonathan Aguila – Team Mechanic -

Jonathan Aguila has been involved with automotive and motorsport domains for nearly a decade.  He is a Volvo factory trained technician, incorporating the key essentials including organization and motivation that allows him to excel.


- Mary Ann Hoffmann – Team Administrator -

Mary Ann Hoffmann features an education in Business Management, and is the team administrator.  Along with this responsibility, she also provides the hospitality at the track.


- James Russo – Logistics  -

James Russo has developed a management system second to none in procurement and distribution necessary for successful team and track operations.  With an eye for detail, the flow of information and resources are seamlessly integrated into day-to-day operations.